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PTFE Cables

PTFE cables have outstanding Mechanical & electrical properties, these are heat resistant, Its properties qualify them for an ever widening range of wiring applications ,they are used in many situations, where temperatures are of + 1800C and above or where temperatures are below Minus 400C.

In most adverse uses, where

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Exporters a wide variety of multicore cables, for use in instrumentation of power projects, chemical & fertilizers, steel plants & various other type of Engineering industries.

The multicore cables are availale in unshielded twisted cores and PTFE Jacketed and Shielded twisted cores/ twisted pairs and overall

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PTFE Sleeving is available as per the requirements of Indian Defense Standard JSS 54802 (LCSO approved).

The Sleeves are made by tape wrapping and sintering process with colours Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey, White, Pink, Natural & several colour

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High frequency transmission of signals in computer complexes, industrial electronics & maintenance is being done with the help of Co-axial cables.

Because of its wide electrical, Mechanical and thermal properties, Co-axial cables are the solution of most diverse application problems especially in the sector of

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PTFE High Voltage Cables (Corona Resistant)

There are applications when high voltage is applied at elevated temperatures, PTFE insulation is most suitable, which has stable dielectric properties upto 2500C.

Some standard sizes having specially formulated PTFE with Corona Resistant features, shows excellent

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PTFE Insulated Heater wires find a large number of applications in process industries these are available in wire or coil form, for a fixed resistance value per meter. Various type of heating solutions for process heating upto 2000C can be designed with these heaters.


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