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Flexible Cables

Flexible Cables Exporters

Single and Multi core flexible cables to IS:694-1990.


Flexible copper conductors are made from high conductivity Copper rods of 8 mm diameter. The rod is drawn to required sizes of fine wires for the construction of conductors of different areas of cross section. Annealed plain copper conductors used in the flexible cables and cords conform to the requirements of table 3 class 5 of IS:8130-1984. The construction of conductor is also made according to customer specification.

'Type A' PVC Compound suitable for a maximum continuous conductor operating temperature of 70?C, as referred in IS:694-1990, is insulated over conductor by extrusion process with required thickness of insulation and conforms to all the requirements of IS: 5831-1984.

Identification of core colours :
1.Red,Yellow,Blue,Black,White or Grey
2.Red and Black
3.Red, Black, Green
4.Red,Yellow, Blue,Green
5.Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Grey

*Note: Other than the colours specified above can be produced against the specific requirements of the customer.

Laying up : 2,3,4,5 Multi core cables are laid up with right hand lay in the outermost layer in the sequence of above core colours. Interstices if required will be covered by non hygroscopic fillers.

Sheath : Single core / Multicore are sheathed with 'Type ST1' PVC compound suitable for a maximum continuous conductor operating temperature of 70?C, conforming to the requirements of IS:5831-1984. Unless otherwise specified the colour of the sheath will be black.

Packing : Single core / Multicore flexible cables are packed in printed carton boxes in standard lengths of 100m. However cables can also be supplied in longer lengths in strong plywood reels in multiples of 100 mts.

Customer orientation : Against specific requirement and application, RELIANCE CABLES can offer cables conforming to either customer specification or other National and International Standards.